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Welcome to the info center, The pairs of images shown under the respective treatments are examples to demonstrate the patient's situation before and after the procedure. Please note that each patient has a different individual starting situation and the results of the operation correspond not only to the skill, perfectionism and beauty sense of the treating surgeon, but also to the patient's own healing situation of the connective tissue.

The examples shown are intended primarily to provide additional information and to provide a more precise illustration. Of course, they can not replace a personal, personal consultation, in which the respective initial findings of the patient is collected. Based on this, an individual treatment concept with the patient is discussed in the following, which is tailored to his respective needs. In the context of the personal counseling session, of course, the possibilities, the nature of the individual therapy, the optimal time and any risks and complications of the selected procedure must be discussed in order to give the patient the greatest possible decision support.

For all questions that arise during the study of the treatment examples, I am at your disposal at any time. Because every patient should be optimally informed and can expect that the treating plastic surgeon only uses the therapy with him, which he would also recommend to his mother, daughter or sister or a close relative or good friend.

Your Dr. Christian Schrank

Facial shaping procedures

Forehead lift
Eyelid correction
Botulinum toxin A, fillers
Nose correction
Chin shaping
Ear correction

Body contouring procedures

Skin surface correction
Tummy shaping
Firming of the thighs
Firming of the upper arms
Buttock lifting surgery
Liposuction (fat suction)

Breast shaping procedures

Breast enlargement
Firming of the breasts
Breast reduction

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery