Liposuction (fat suction)

Everybody knows about it: In spite of extensive working out or dieting, there are problem-areas on the body where the fat simply won’t go away. In women, it is mostly on the outside of the thigh (so-called saddle-bags) or inside the thigh, the tummy or the buttocks. In men, the fat deposits are usually found in the chin and the belly (love handles or spare tyres). Today, you really don’t have to accept this anymore!

By means of liposuction, we can remove these fat deposits very precisely, shaping the body part at the same time. If you then take care to live in a healthy fashion, the results are long-lasting. We use the modern tumescence technique in which a solution of very dilute anaesthetic and other additives are injected into the area. This loosens the fat and allows it to be suctioned out by means of a canula in a very gentle operation. The result is a very smooth, harmonious contour.

Liposuction - fat suction