Breast shaping procedures

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Firming of the breasts
Breast reduction

The breasts of a woman play a great role in her feelings of self-worth and her perception. Naturally attractive breasts can develop an unattractive shape due to drastic weight-loss, pregnancy or weakening of the connective tissue. The natural effects of aging also affect the form of the breasts. Breast correction is effective in restoring the attractiveness of your breasts, irrespective of their shape or size.

The goals and requirements should therefore be set according to the desired results. The breasts must be given an erotic feminine shape and silhouette that suit the patient’s body (this applies to all body-shaping procedures). The consistency of the breasts must also feel natural to the touch, and the ability to breastfeed and the full sensitivity of the breasts must be retained. Finally, the method used must ensure the longest-lasting post-operative effect possible.

When planning breast surgery, the constitution of the patient (e.g. size), composition of the connective tissue (age and contractility of the skin) and the proposed shape and size of the breasts all play a very important role.

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