Corrections in the case of previously operated and stigmatised patients after facelifts

Reconstructive surgery

The number of failed operations and the stigmatised patients who are left in their wake, is increasing constantly. Inadequate training and the use of a wide range of techniques, inaccurate assessment of indications and so-called “minimally invasive” techniques, do not deliver the results that were promised in advance, or even worse, result in ugly scarring, undesirable growth, hair loss, deformities, changes to the eyes and limitation of normal functions or even disfigurement of the face. All of the above can lead to considerable limitations in everyday life.

Based on several examples, I would like to introduce some of the negative changes and possible treatment concepts in a detailed article that I wrote. With the help of an extended or super-extended Face and neck lift and the preparation of the internal support structure, “SMAS or high SMAS”, it is usually possible to achieve the original goal and thereby to largely eliminate the stigmatising changes. Further established treatment procedures that have proven themselves in the long run support the correction down to the finest detail, and assist us to achieve a natural appearance.