A well-rehearsed duo

Become beautiful and stay beautiful

Aesthetic plastic surgery represents the supreme discipline in creative surgery. Remaining with that synonym, facial and facelift surgery can be compared with Mount Everest. However, it is not the specialist surgeon’s qualification or the surgical skill of the surgeon alone that are the deciding factors during a facelift. It is far more the surgeon’s sense of beauty and his/her aesthetic perception that count. The surgical implementation of beauty concepts, such as a perfect facelift, that result in aesthetic harmony and a natural, unorchestrated appearance is the ambitious goal of aesthetic surgery.

Aesthetic plastic surgery

Supreme discipline

Self-critical patients are usually plagued by questions such as:

“I feel young, fresh, vital but I look so tired. My feminine (masculine) radiation is dwindling. How can I get it back? How long does a facelift last? Is a rejuvenated, natural appearance guaranteed after the procedure?”

“You hear about new “facelift methods” every day. How good are they?! Countless wrinkle fillers are flooding the market. Which of them are free of side effects? What can be achieved with anti-wrinkle injections? What should you allow someone do to your body/face simply because it goes “really fast” or is “minimally invasive”?