The renowned health magazine Focus awarded Dr. Schrank the title of one of the top medical practitioners in the area of facelifts in 2013!

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Face-shaping procedures

Are you full of youthful energy although your age has become evident in your appearance? Regain a radiant, youthful appearance with a face-shaping procedure!

Gesichtsformende Eingriffe

Body-contouring procedures

Get rid of stubborn little fat pockets once and for all, combat tired, slack skin successfully and look forward to a slim, firm body once again!

Körperformende Eingriffe

Reconstructive surgery

Unfortunately, disfigurement after a facelift, due to the use of incorrect techniques, is not uncommon. We will restore your former “joie de vivre” with corrective surgery!

Rekonstruktive Chirurgie


Do you finally want to regain that fresh, rejuvenated appearance, so that you look the way you feel? Then trust our anti-aging methods and regain your former attractiveness!

Anti Aging

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Aesthetic plastic surgery represents the supreme discipline in creative surgery. Remaining with that synonym, facial and facelift surgery can be compared with Mount Everest. However, it is not the specialist surgeon’s qualification or the surgical skill of the surgeon alone that are the deciding factors during a facelift. It is far more the surgeon’s sense of beauty and his/her aesthetic perception that count. The surgical implementation of beauty concepts, such as a perfect facelift, that result in aesthetic harmony and a natural, unorchestrated appearance is the ambitious goal of aesthetic surgery.

Self-critical patients are usually plagued by questions such as:

“I feel young, fresh, vital but I look so tired. My feminine (masculine) radiation is dwindling. How can I get it back? How long does a facelift last? Is a rejuvenated, natural appearance guaranteed after the procedure?”


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“You hear about new “facelift methods” every day. How good are they?! Countless wrinkle fillers are flooding the market. Which of them are free of side effects? What can be achieved with anti-wrinkle injections? What should you allow someone do to your body/face simply because it goes “really fast” or is “minimally invasive”?

“I have a double chin that spoils my profile,” or “My hooked nose makes me unattractive.”

The search for possible solutions such as a facelift and the resulting insecurities as to the choice of a suitable specialist and exactly who is highly qualified in exactly this area of cosmetic surgery that most closely matches their specific problems, is a great challenge for patients.

No patient simply feels like having a facelift, and in spite of the wide range of “offers” out there, he/she should never lose sight of the goal that has been set together with the surgeon: The restoration of youthful freshness, vitality and radiation and harmony of the various parts of the body.
The success of the procedure is dependent on the highest degree of perfection possible on the part of the surgeon within the scope of the treatment concept, e.g. a facelift.

The patient who has a facelift hopes for a procedure that is free of risks and complications and has a long lasting effect. “Mini operations” with short-term effect are not the answer. Rather select a legitimate procedure that is carefully selected by a reputable surgeon for good results. The cooperation of highly specialised anaesthetists who use the latest methods to anaesthetise patients during facelift procedures ensures that patients do not experience any pain, whilst still employing the most gentle methods possible (e.g. analgosedation – half sleep): “You don’t need to experience pain just because you want to be beautiful.”

A good degree of mutual understanding should develop between the patient and the surgeon while the procedure is being explained, and the patient is being advised. During the detailed examination before a facelift procedure and other cosmetic surgery, all available information regarding the philosophy, the possibilities etc. and also clear information regarding all possible risks, complications and treatment of the patients should be communicated in the spirit of the following motto: “This person could be my mother, my wife or my daughter.” The result must be more than simply “beautiful”. The patient must also like what he/she sees and should know, before any aesthetic plastic surgery, what he/she will look like after the operation, because a patient wants to “look like I did before, when I still liked what I looked like.” A patient generally doesn’t want to look like somebody else.

The most important prerequisites for a successful facelift that last for years are solid specialist training, a well-developed sense of beauty and addiction to perfection - and many years of professional experience on the part of the surgeon.

We have numerous visiting colleagues at our clinic every year, who want to learn and profit from our experience and techniques such as those used for facelifts. It is very important to me that the advantages and disadvantages, the dangers and risks of aesthetic surgery (e.g. facelift) and also promising non-operative therapies are made known to the general public.

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